Mie Ongklok Dish Favorit Wonosobo City

Wonosobo City is certainly one of the districts in Central Java Province flanked by way of means of Banjarnegara and Magelang. It has a couple of destinations that may break the eyes of the vacationers who come, no longer in simple terms from inside the nation but in addition from abroad. The metropolis of Wonosobo also has a different meals that ought to be tasted when visiting, certainly one of the noted specialties that has turn out to be a unique function of Wonosobo Village itself is Mie Ongklok.

MIe Ongklok is a usual meals from the City of Wonosobo which is produced from dried noodles combined with cabbage and chopped leaves first after which placed into boiling water. After boiling, upload seasoning as a sauce.

Seasonings which are given as gravy are virtually comparable to peanut sauce but here is thicker and extra soy sauce and chili sauce if patrons desire so as to function spicy flavor. Usually this ongklok noodle is served with a couple of different menus resembling pork satay and usual Wonosobo City tempeh.

Some folks may unlike this different meals simply due to the fact the sauce is just too thick and unusual why is it served like this? Though inside the event you've got eaten here is absolute to make these who style desire to devour forever and continuously.

The style is savory and candy simply due to the fact the spices which are virtually the comparable simply due to the fact the peanut sauce upload to the style served by way of means of the seller. Usually, this noodle is bought with a small bowl and is bought at a fee that's proper for the trevellers and by way of means of consuming a bowl of noodles ongklok you're already satiated complete and may be used to prop up the belly temporarily.

If you cross to Wonosobo for a vacation, don't neglect to take pleasure in certainly one of Wonososbo's different foods, and for these of you who desire to style it, it is also no longer hard to discover stalls that supply noodle fare, typically they'll open on the quit of the afternoon on the roadside or have retailers own. But now there are these which are beginning to open from morning to evening. So don't neglect to style this noodles whereas visiting or vacationing inside the metropolis of Wonosobo.

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