Bali Food Restaurant Betutu Lalah Bandung - Bali Culinary in Bandung

Eating Betutu Lalah Bandung this one sponsor within the variety of a menu mainstay Chicken / Duck Chicken with Rice Mixed Bali. The region of this Balinese Resto is discovered at Jalan Cihampelas No 66, Bandung 40116. It is ready a hundred meters after the Cihampelas intersection with Pasteur Pasopati Airport.

No telp Bali Betutu Lalah Restaurant discovered in Bandung for reservation or start carrier is 022 - 70728868 or 022 - 4263991. With no fax 022 - 4230128.

Betutu Lalah Restaurant Bandung

The Bali culinary venue in Bandung is open day by day from 9.00 am to 9.30 pm for Monday to Friday, whereas for Saturday and Sunday open from 9.00 am to 10:00 am. Betutu Lalah Balinese Resto Bandung also gets orders equivalent to nasi dus, inter-message, catering, etc. At Betutu Lalah Bandung Restaurant whereas ready for the presentation, you possibly too can take pleasure in Cable TV or WiFi, with a comfortable atmosphere.

Atmosphere Betutu Lalah Bandung

Betutu Lalah provides a Betutu Bali Chicken dish that's a normal Gilimanuk - Bali cuisine, comprised of hen chicken. Texture of hen betutu Bali is mushy and it feels just a bit spicy simply due to the fact it's flavored with spices in Bali.
The charge itself for the complete Betutu Chicken with a charge of Rp 72,500, whereas if the acquire per piece is needless to say cheaper, equivalent to should you elect Betutu Chicken Breast, simply pay Rp 19,500 (remember, the charge would no longer contain taxes). Betutu Chicken in Betutu Lalah is served with NULL options, specifically Betutu Original Chicken or Betutu Fried Chicken.

Typical of Bali Betutu Lalah Restaurant Bandung/ Balinese Restaurant Betutu Lalah Bandung is the availability of betrotu, and sambal mainstay complement the Betutu Chicken, Sambal Matah, Sambal Terasi, and fried nuts which are served to scale back the spicy style of Betutu Lalah Chicken .

Chicken Betutu Lalah Bandung Menu

Another hen menu is Rp 13,500, Ayam Bakar Lalah Rp 13,500, Chicken Pelecing Rp 13.500, Butter Chicken Butter and Goreng Ayam Goreng Kecap for Rp 27,500 (served half chicken), and don't miss Chicken Sate Rp 12,500.
Gurame fish too can be accessible at Balinese Restaurant Betutu Lalah Bandung. With a pack of Rp 44,500 and ready for approximately 25 minutes, you possibly can style the delights of Fly Flying, Gurame Bakar Hotplate, or Yellow Bean Gurame

Other menu at Betutu Lalah Bandung
 At Betutu Lalah Restaurant, Bandung also accessible different menu equivalent to Bebek Betutu (Goreng and Bakar), at Rp 19,500 per piece for Chicken / Thigh Bebut Betutu.
On this social gathering the Blog Bloger tasted the Best Fried Bebek , that's served with Sambal Terasi, Sambal Matah, and its distinctive taste.

Sambal Terasi, Sambal Matah and Sauce at Betutu Lalah Bandung

It tastes good, value the wait lengthy enough, even whereas ready for the order to be served all the time tasted spices from the kitchen Betutu Lalah . While the style of Tum Ati Ampela / Pepes Ati Ampela for Rp 5,500 itself consists of the standard. But what truly addicts is the extraordinary style of the normal Betutu Lalah sambal . Betutu Goreng Betutu Lalah itself tastes soaked and soft, the darling of the area is quite too dry so it's hard.
Another menu at Betutu Lalah Bandung is Bebek Bebe, equally DANGER FOOD / Bake Duck, which per piece for chest / thigh Rp 24,500. There also are different menu presents equivalent to Oseng Oyster Mushroom, Oseng Caciwis, Bubuk Bubuk, Leunca Limbah, Oseng Kacang Panjang, Oseng Tauge (with Salted Fish), Oseng Kangkung, Asem Sayur, Jagung Jagung, Ati Ampela Goreng / Bakar, Tahu / Tempe Fried, Tofu / Flour Fried Tempe, etc. The charge levels from Rp 4.500 - Rp 15.000 an.
There also are Balinese dishes like Pelecing Lombok, Pelut Betutu, Lawar, and Urab Kalas.

Aneka Sayur at Betutu Lalah Bandung

Whereas should you desire to take pleasure in Nasi Campur Bali or Kedewatan Chicken Rice at Betutu Lalah , you simply get a pocket of Rp 24,500. There also are Ketut Betutu (Ketupat Betutu) Rp 19.500, and Fried Rice / Salted Rice Rp 17.500.
Drink costs at Betutu Lalah Balinese Resto Bandung differ among Rp 3,500 (Tea Tawar) as much as Rp 24,500 (Summer Lemonade with pitcher). Among them are Special Mix, Fresh Juice (Avocado, Strawberry, Guava), Milk Shake, Coffee Tubruk, Tea Tea, etc.

Various Menu Drinks at Betutu Lalah Bandung

For Dessert at Betutu Lalah supplied Banana Split Rp 17.500, Avocado Lumpoer Rp 14.500, Sundae Rp 12.500, Berry Triffle Rp 17.500, etc.
For these of you who're limited, but desire to consume nice cheap, don't worry, there also are safer applications accessible to consume on the Bali Betutu Lalah Restaurant, for equally folks (Lalah Package, that's priced at Rp 27,500), NULL (Double Combo, beginning from Rp 54,500), 4 or ten.

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