Update Bandung Culinary Dining Info

This time Blog Culinary will offer a few news nical newest on the place to devour in Bandung commencing new branches , which were discussed in past Culinary Blog review. Much of the past news has been much less related to the show situation. For this reason, the writer will attempt to replace a few news about Bandung culinary places, including:

With the brand new face of BSM (Bandung Super Mall) , a number of Bandung culinary franchises open branches there, including:
Pepper Lunch
which has been discussed at Pepper Lunch PVJ Bandung
Suis Butcher
which has been discussed at Suis Butcher - Culinary Bandung
Ampera Restaurant
which has been discussed at Ampera Rice Nasi Bandung
The Duck King
Restaurant that adds dim sum and assorted different Chinese meals menus after first commencing a department in PVJ (Paris Van Java) Bandung since 2008, now opens a brand new department on the stop of 2011 at Bandung Super Mall (BSM) Bandung .

Domino's Pizza Bandung
Dominos's Pizza Bandung opens a department subsequent to Super Indo Dago (still one complicated or one parking lot with Super Indo Dago and KFC Dago), that's on Jl Dago or Jl IR Haji Juanda 40-42, Dago Bandung. So in the event you happen to desire to devour instant or devour instant and are lazy to move to Sukajadi PVJ (Paris Van Java Sukajadi Mall) simply using the fact of visitors jams or far away, you'll be able to visit Domino's Pizza Dago. However, the primary time the writer visited Domino's Pizza Dago Bandung, the ordered pizza was much less tasty in contrast to what was often loved at Domino's Pizza PVJ Bandung (ordered pizza was harder, much less tender). Maybe as it was merely opened at that time, simply using the fact often each new franchise ought to have satisfactory standards, which were intently monitored via way of the center.

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